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Adrian de Leeuw is a multi-media artist based in Vancouver, he pursues a career as a dancer while composing works from film, photos and choreography.

This website is both a presentation of Adrian’s work and a place where he creates work proposals. Composing images, videos and text allows an idea to be realized and help guide the process by presenting what the final product would look like.

Adrian is a graduate of the Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training Program and Springboard Alumni. He has worked with Alonzo King, Bobbi Jene Smith, Sidra Bell, David Harvey, Alice Klock, Chuck Wilt, Vanessa Goodman, Ballet BC, Gregory Dawson, Gioconda Barbuto, Christian Burns, Alex Ketley, Wen Wei Wang, Summer Lee Rhatigan, Constance Cooke, Tom Weinberger.

In 2019 Adrian moved to Vancouver to pursue a professional career as a multimedia artist working with dance-for-film, photography, choreography and dance.

Adrian has since performed with Vanessa Goodman’s Action at a Distance and Gioconda Barbuto. He has worked as a Guest Artist with Ballet BC for the recent performances of Romeo and Juliet, in the role of Paris. Adrian graduates from ArtsUmbrella’s Performance Research Program in 2020, he continues to pursue a career as a multimedia artist. 

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