3am dreams.

It starts with me watchinf a couple i know go on a hike. The parting words are you will not stay at an inn where you are unwelcome and you will bot meet strange people. Slowly it becomes me and my girlfriend on this trip and we find a hotel where we go to a room withour checking in. The women that work there practice dance routines. When we are leaving, hoping to sneak out, the manager confronts me and asks me if i knew why ___ was treated the way he was. I say yes. She asks if i know that i am chosen as well. I say yes. There is a crowd sitting and standing around the town square with me and this woman in the middle. After each challange she plays a game if knife roulette withe my hand or i push the blande into hers without drawing blood. Each challange is in a restaufant or shop near by. Slowly i begin to realise she has ocd and need to keep good relatjons with these peopl. I begin placing the knife off centre and spitting the food i am given in yhe shop keepers faces. I make as much of a mess as i can and disrupt asany people as i can.

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