Choreography as Life.

This piece was created as a Solo. It will be performed as a Duet but it is composed to be a Solo.

This life was designed to be a Solitary Act. It will be performed and executed as a Group but it is composed as one Life.

I realise this makes little sense but neither does the subject matter. Nor is sense a requirement for something to be true. I wonder if the closer we get to sensibility, the further we stray from truth. That seems a topic for another time.

It doesn’t make sense to give an animal a life that could be lived solitarily and then put it on a planet with 7 billion other animals. It doesn’t make sense but it is beautiful.

It’s beautiful to give such a simple task as living and then throw complicated rules on top.

What are the rules?

-you cant live forever.

-you must consume food regularly.

-you must sleep at night.

-you must breathe air.

-you need light to see.

-you must walk until you develop another means of transportation.

-you must do it on your own. As much as there are support systems, you must make your way under your own steam.

-you must do it while 7 billion other people do it simultaneously.

These are some harsh rules that keep us from walking this earth like little gods. These rules are wonderful, look at the things we have done as a result. Some beautiful and some terrible, we all knew the rules and made our choices.

To have hundreds of lives surrounding you on a daily basis is so beneficial to your own life. It doesn’t by definition make your life better but it only takes the tiniest bit of effort to connect and make all lives included richer.

I don’t believe that anything was made from a 100% solitary endeavour or that anything was discovered by one person on their own. Everything effects everything. Everyone is affected by everyone. Its beautiful.

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