Questions on a plane.

Why can’t we use our phones on a plane?

Why can’t we walk when the light is red?

Why haven’t other animals developed intelligence similar to humans?

How would I know if I was an idiot?

How do i know that I am thinking?

How do I know this plane is in the air?

How do I know humans landed on the moon? Or mars?

Why is earth still turning? 

Why does the moon orbit the Earth?

Is my blue your blue?

Why do we change the time, to turn it back later?

Why is a year 365 days? 

How can someone determine that the earth is round thousands of years ago and people still not believe it?

Is communication assisting communication?

Is my hurt, your hurt?

Why do we have 26 letters but infinite numbers?

Why do some cultures use letters and some use symbols?

How high can you count?

How low can you sing?

How long can you hold your breathe for?

How tall are you?

Can you speak?

What do you smell?

How do you smell?

How long have you been here?

Do you remember arriving?

How do you know you were born?

Who told you that sex is a reproductive act?

Have you been here before?

How much is too much?

When is too short?

Why do we feel pain?

When will I know?

Do you know?

Does this feel numb?

What does numb feel like?

Does block exist?

Does white create a rainbow?

Why does a ring symbolize marriage?

How long before this all ends?

Why don’t we reproduce a-sexually?

Why is there male?

Why is there female?

Why do we cry when we yawn?

Why do some people cry from joy?

Why are different tears different in structure?

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