A blueprint.

Two people stand facing each other, in opposite corners of a room (wide angle, dancers on each side of the frame). Observation and interest on their faces (close-ups of each dancer’s face). One (A)moves towards the center of the room and begins to dance, offering movement to the space and the counterpart (B on one side of the frame, A walks into frame and begins dancing). Quietly, (B) begins to say ‘thats not enough’ (over the shoulder of B) and proceeds to speak louder until a final shout stops the dancer. B walks up close to A (over the shoulder of A), faces a few inches apart (med angle shot from the side) and says ‘You are not enough’ in a seething tone. (wide angle of the room) A responds by moving to another part of the room and starting the same movement again. B stays still but yells, again ‘You are not enough’. A begins to lose the momentum of their dancing but doesn’t stop. B continues to yell at A. (close up of A’s feet) B walks towards A, continuing to speak different insults and corrections. (very close-up of A’s face, B in background. Heavy, panicked breathing from A.) 


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