What about sensitivity?

What about sensitivity? What does that mean? Be sensitive, they say. Be open to what is around you, maybe. Be aware of what is around you, maybe that too.

Does sensitivity entail fragility? No, thats why we have two words for two different ideas. Ill admit they are close. Theres no denying that. How do they begin to acquire definition?

We are autonomous enough to choose how the information we receive affects us. Yes, of course not all of it. But we can choose how to react to what we see and what we hear. Thats how this all works, you see, you hear, then, you do.

With the autonomy to sense and decide, why are we mostly insensitive? Is it because sensitivity allows you to stop, in the middle of a busy day in the middle of a busy street, and admire the light? Because it takes you in different paths that arent efficient money-making, power-grabbing pursuits? Because it makes you more human and humans are imperfect? Is that a weakness? It seems to be perceived as one.

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