Development and Confidence.

Are development and confidence mutually exclusive? Can we develop ourselves and our confidence at the same time or is there a balancing act maintained through the growth process? I feel, as my artistic voice begins to develop, my confidence to speak needs nurturing in the same portions.

Maybe it isn’t confidence. Maybe it’s not the right word. We could be talking about ‘The fear of being wrong”, how can we not be afraid of being wrong? We are always taught to fear ‘wrong’, to fear being different, to fear a disagreement or to fear having an opinion that is not in alignment with someone else.

Why? Why should we fear difference? First, distinguish difference of opinion or ideas from a difference of appearance or aesthetic. The argument to fear difference is ridiculous. Theres no defending it. If the world is going to change, something different is going to have to happen. Somebody must go against the grain and be non-conforming in the eye of the public. Again, do you have the confidence to go against the grain, firmly rooted in a personal voice. Seems like a question to keep close and ask often.

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