What is inevitable?

If something falls. It will land. Will it?

What preconceived notions do we have? What kind of assumptions do we make? Why do we share so many?

She’s angry because she a black woman. He’s untrustworthy because he’s a man. They don’t know what they are talking about because they are children. He is dangerous because his beliefs are different to mine. She doesn’t know what shes talking about because her methods are different that mine. I can’t do that because its hard. I can’t do that because i have never done it before. That’s impossible because it doesn’t fall in line with the facts we have.

What do we do with all of these assumptions? Maybe nothing. Some are worth keeping and holding. Some are worth getting rid of. But all are up for questioning on a regular basis because by definition they are generalizations without proof.

What is inevitable?

Death. Decay. Darkness. Movement. Silence. Sleep. Assumptions?

We can’t possibly know all the facts about everyone. We can’t avoid getting information second-hand. We can’t avoid painting pictures of people with half-real facts from outside sources.

This isn’t a problem. The problem lies in accepting them without question and accepting them as the one and only truth.

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